martes, 13 de diciembre de 2022


The AGL Association celebrated World Lipedema Day, and among other activities, organized two online conferences, one on nutrition and another on psychology in lipedema. 

The AGL Association gave a lecture at the Faculty of Health Sciences to Occupational Therapy students to raise awareness of Lymphoedema and Lipedema. UDC - University of La Coruña.

The AGL Association gave a conference at the Faculty of Physiotherapy of Pontevedra, to give visibility to the students about the daily life of people affected by Lymphoedema and Lipedema. The University of Vigo.

The AGL Association met with Luz Doporto Real, Deputy Delegate of Demographic Challenge, Equality and Social Policies of the Ourense Provincial Council, to present the assistance work that the AGL Association is carrying out for people affected by Lymphoedema, Lipedema, and Chronic Venous insufficiency.

The AGL Association had a meeting with Olga García Ballesteros, Deputy for Social Cohesion of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, to make visible the work of AGL and the problems of people with Lymphedema. Lipedema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

Every November, thousands of men grow their mustaches as a reminder of prostate and testicular cancer, which in 2020 accounted for 35,000 new diagnoses in Spain alone. Lymphoedema is a condition that sometimes results from prostate or testicular cancer.

On the occasion of the annual celebration of the international movement "Movember", several barbershops in collaboration with the AGL Association, joined once again this year the initiative to give visibility to prostate and testicular cancer.

Collaborating Barbershops:

  • @A Barberia de Xan - A Coruña
  • Aruna Peluqueros - Ourense
  • Peluquería Cairos - Ourense
  • Carlos Conde Peluqueros - Pontevedra
  • BlackBird Barber Concept - Porriño
  • BlackBird Barber Concept - Tui
  • Vlady's Barbershop - Tui
  • Carlos Conde Navia – Vigo
  • Belén Blanco - Vilanova de Arousa
  • Mike Hair Studio - Vilagarcía de Arousa

The AGL Association participated with an information table in the 2nd GALICIAN CONGRESS OF PEOPLE WITH CANCER AND THEIR FAMILIES organized by the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) held in the city of Vigo. Thanks to the invitation of the AECC, we were able to learn about the work of other organizations and also show our work to all the people who came to our table. During the Congress we were able to listen to Luz Casal and Elsa Punset, and also share the reality of patients with lymphedema with Julio García Comesaña (Galician Minister of Health).

The AGL Association participated in projects organized by COCEMFE (The Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities ). For Organic Disability this year's slogan was "They say that organic disability is invisible, but no way, you only have to look, and you don't need a microscope".

The AGL Association had a meeting with Alonso Alonso Fachado (Deputy Director General of Health Care Management and Innovation of the Galician Health Service) and Josefina Monteagudo Romero (Deputy Director of Humanisation and Citizen Health Care) to ask for improvements for people with lymphoedema and lipedema in Galicia.

The AGL Association, as a member of PROPONTE, participates in different programs promoted by the Department of Social Welfare of the Pontevedra Council. The Department of Sports of the Pontevedra City Council and the Faculty of CC.EE. and Sport from the University of Vigo, joined forces to give an introductory workshop on Nordic Walking at the Faculty's facilities.

The AGL Association had a meeting with Loreto Casal Arias (Patient and Humanization Care Supervisor) and Dolores Pan Vázquez (Primary Care Manager) from the Pontevedra-Salnés Health Area. We conveyed to them the health problems of people with lymphedema and lipedema.

The AGL Association is now part of the Patient Council of the Ribera Povisa Hospital. We had a meeting where we had the opportunity to convey our concern about the problems that people with lipedema and lymphedema have, to the vascular surgery and rehabilitation staff.

The AGL Association had an interview with Pilar Rodríguez Ledo (Deputy Director of Humanisation) and Gloria Enríquez Sanjurjo (Supervisor of the Humanisation Area) of the Lugo, A Mariña, and Monforte Health Area. We conveyed to them the health problems of people with lymphedema and lipedema.

The AGL Association had a meeting with the heads of the rehabilitation and primary care areas, as well as a meeting with the heads of the oncology section, of the Ourense Health Area. We conveyed to them the health problems of people with lymphedema and lipedema.

The AGL Association had a meeting with the team of Ronda Fisioterapia Clinic, who are collaborators of the AGL Asociación of Galicia.

The LGA Association has been present in the offices reserved for patient organizations in the different hospitals and, participates in the meetings of the Patient Advisory Council at the Galician level and the Patient Advisory Councils of the different Health Areas of Galicia

The AGL Association periodically participates in projects and assemblies organized by COGAMI (Galician Confederation of People with Disabilities).

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