viernes, 20 de enero de 2023

WORLD NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASE DAY 2023 - Lymphostatic Elephantiasis - Lymphatic Circulatory System - Secondary Lymphedema - Lymphatic Filariasis/Podoconiosis

Today January 30, people all over the world join to rise awareness regarding neglected diseases and call on health systems to invest in correct, effective, and safe treatment options for all, and to leave no one behind.

 The slogan “LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND” regarding health issues related to Lymphedema, means that health systems must invest in correct and safe health care for all, whatever their cause or setting. Regarding Lymphatic Filariasis, the Final Solution to prevent the elephantiasis stage" cant only be the low-cost treatment option consisting of washing and elevation of limbs. People need correct lymph drainage therapy and compression garments for the reduction and maintenance of limb volume. Access to Correct health care is a Human Right. Read more about what is the best treatment option for elephantiasis HERE.

The United Nations General Assembly endorsed a resolution On 12 December 2012, urging countries to aim towards the goal that everyone, everywhere, should have access to quality health care, and proclaimed 12 December as Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day) by resolution 72/138. Millions of people all over the world suffering from Lymphedema are still waiting for correct and effective health care, and many of them are already in severe stages (elephantiasis). 

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