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WORLD LYMPHEDEMA DAY 2023 – Lymphatic Circulatory System Disease - Pediatric and Primary Lymphedema – Secondary Lymphedema – Lymphostatic Elephantiasis - Lymphatic Filariasis/Podoconiosis - Best Practices Management Guideline /Treatment Protocol/Patient Care Pathway - Awareness Campaign

Despite the existence of effective treatment, lymphoedema remains one of the world's most neglected diseases, and people affected in many countries are denied the basic human right to healthcare and are discriminated against. The burden associated with Stage III lymphoedema (elephantiasis) affects the physical, psychological, social, and economic well-being of those affected, contributing to the cycle of disability, disfigurement (bodily deformities), social stigmatization, poverty, and suffering of individuals.

Education and improving access to health services are keys to the successful prevention of Stage III Lymphedema (elephantiasis). The First-line edema volume reduction strategy for patients with established lymphedema is Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and "Compression Garments" are the cornerstones of therapy. Read more about what is the best treatment for lymphedema HERE.

With reference to dermatolymphangioadenitis (DLA), also known as Infectious Cellulitis, studies have found that the control of swelling is associated with a lower risk of cellulitis, and that advanced stages of chronic edema are a strong risk factor. Evidence also supports that "Compression Garments" are essential. Infectious cellulitis can lead to sepsis (septicemia). Read more about what are the preventive measures for Infectious Cellulitis in lymphedema HERE.

This commemorative date serves as an opportunity for associative movements to make demands for people living with this disease. Some of the demands made by the AGL Association are: The implementation of Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for people diagnosed with lymphoedema in the public health system, early diagnosis, the need for more specialized professionals, the existence of a database with the real number of people affected by lymphoedema, as well as the creation of a Lymphoedema Reference Centre. Read more about which country has the best public health coverage of lymphoedema HERE.


German Scientific Society Guideline

Therapeutic Efficacy of Complex Decongestive Therapy in the Treatment of Elephantiasis of the Lower Extremities

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